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Apollo Funding Partners is an alternative funding company dedicated to creating financial solutions for real estate owners and investors. Our unique funding strategies help businesses expand and thrive with access to a full range of business and commercial financing options. In addition to providing access to hundreds of lenders nationwide, we also underwrite and approve in-house loans. Our mission is to provide the best financing for each funding need.

Our Team

Executive Management

Jovan Sijan


Joel Harrison


Alex Sueppel

Executive Director

Business Development/Loan Processing

Brian Schneider

Director of Business Development

Elijah Stout

Director of Business Development

Kyle Thompson

Vice President of Business Development

Michelle Menchaca

Senior Loan Processor

Our Process

From the initial consultation to cash in hand, we will work to understand your needs, develop a strategy, evaluate potential lenders, negotiate the most favorable deals, and secure the loans you need to prosper.

End-to-End Transaction Support

Client Consultation
Data Preparation
Lender Sourcing
Lender Negotiation
Bid Selection

Our Lending Solutions

Commercial Real Estate


Short Term Rentals

SBA Loans


Lines of Credit



We offer a wide variety of loan types— from Commercial Real Estate to Venture/Start-up Loans.

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Traditional financing for commercial real estate. Terms up to 30 years with low interest rates.

Short term financing for real estate from 6 – 36 months. Payment is interest only and required LTV is typically 50% - 65%.

A wide range of DSCR loan options ranging from short term to long term.

Small Business Administration Loan up to $11.25 Million. Can be used for CRE acquisition, construction and refi, as well as equipment, inventory, and working lines of credit. Perfect for small businesses seeking to purchase, refinance or build owner-occupied commercial real estate.

A business sells their yet unpaid invoices at a discount in return for immediate cash. Rates and fees will vary.

Financial institution grants business guaranteed access to a specific amount of financing for a certain time period. Clients don’t make payments or incur any interest until they tap into those funds.

Covers a variety of financial vehicles to fund the acquisition and use of equipment, including loans, leasing, and sale leaseback.

Venture funding is a funding process in which the venture funding companies manage the funds of the investors who want to invest in new businesses which have the potential for high growth in the future. The venture capital funding firms provide the funds to start ups in exchange for the equity stake.


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